The Department of Ukrainian Studies cordially invites you to start a full-time Bachelor’s  or Master’s degree courses at the East Slavonic Studies with the specialization in Ukrainian culture with English language.

Enrollment at BA and MA studies begins in June!

BA degree studies

These studies allow you to gain detailed knowledge of history, literature, culture, and contemporary Ukrainian language, while receive a working knowledge of the languages: Ukrainian (C1)  and English (B2+).

Students have the opportunity to learn general languages and languages for special purposes (business and economics, mass media, tourism and law). They also gain general knowledge in humanities together with terminological and methodological knowledge of the specific research in the field of linguistics as well as literary and cultural studies.

Graduates are equipped with the skills and competence to continue their education at the MA studies. Moreover, graduates can undertake work in cultural institutions, European institutions cooperating with Ukraine, NGOs, media companies, educational institutions, etc.
During the studies, students can benefit from numerous international exchange programmes (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus), as well as do internships and traineeships in Ukraine. They can also complete practical language courses in languages other than those listed above. The Department provides students with the opportunity to become members of student associations, theatre groups, and various community organizations for volunteers.

Admission to the Bachelor Degree studies takes place if a candidate earns more than 30 points at recruitment (there are exact rules for counting points for different types of matriculation certificates).

You do not have to hold the results of your A-level final exams to register!


Master Degree Studies

Our aim is to train professionals in the field of Ukrainian studies, with in-depth and specialized knowledge of cultural background, language, literature, and the specificities of modern Ukraine. Students are expected to master the Ukrainian language at the level of C2 with English mastered at the level of C1.

Students also gain in-depth expertise in the field of linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies, and Ukrainian studies, developed outside Ukraine. During these studies students have the opportunity to enhance their skills translating stylistically diverse texts in Ukrainian and English. Moreover, we offer courses in culture and literature conducted in these languages.

Knowledge and skills gained during the studies allow graduates to work as translators and journalists; they can work in diplomacy, tourism industry and private companies operating in Poland and Ukraine as well as for governments and non-governmental institutions, media and publishing houses.

Candidates holding a bachelor's degree, master's degree, engineer or an equivalent degree in any field of study may apply. Candidates are obliged to confirm their knowledge of Ukrainian and English. Candidates without a diploma degree in philology or Ukrainian Studies are interviewed to confirm their knowledge of the Ukrainian language. This requirement does not apply to candidates who have taken the Ukrainian language exam.

Foreigners who have been admitted in accordance with the regulations applied to foreigners  (non-Polish citizens) are required to pay tuition fees in the amount of EUR 1,000 per semester, plus EUR 200 in the first year.



Register on-line at


  1. Create your individual registration account
  2. Complete your personal details and attach your documents
  3. Choose field(s) of studies
  4. Check and approve the qualification criteria
  5. Pay the application fee [read more…]


Participate in the qualification procedure


Detailed information on qualification procedure for degree studies in English is available at the Internet Registration of Candidates. In case of any further questions, please contact appropriate unit conducting studies or Admissions Office..


Check qualification results


Candidates receive the qualification results on their individual registration accounts in the System of Internet Registration of Candidates (IRC)


Submit required documents


Submit (send by post) your documents to the Admissions Committee

A list of required documents



Receive decision on admission


International students receive decisions on admission issued by Rector.